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188bet安卓APPMusic Support


Your product or service is Powered by 188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote,such as iTunes or Ford Sync.Also find answers to general questions.

Artists,Record Labels,Publishers & Radio Stations

Content creators with 188bet安卓APPmusic CDs and audio books,as well as radio broadcasters can submit (upload) their data to the 188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote recognition service.Find out more on submitting your content.


Commercial software developers,CE manufacturers,automakers,or hackathon-goers and App developers looking to build products using 188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote SDKs or APIs,and those who want to learn more about 188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote technology.

Registered Customer Account

If you have a registered Commercial Customer Account with 188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote,click here to log in.

Video Support

Video Customers

If you're an existing 188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote Video customer that uses entertainment listings for TV and movie show times,contact the188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote Customer Care Teamwith your product or service issues.

TV and Movie Content Providers

If you provide content to 188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote and are looking for general information about how to submit,update,or verify your TV schedules or movie show times,contact the188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote Customer Care Teamfor a prompt response.

Developers – On Connect®

Looking for in-depth information about 188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote's APIs?Access extensive documentationand interactive support covering 188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote's Data Delivery,Online Video and Social APIs,as well as information onMedia Cloud,and a helpfulFAQ.


Looking to resolve an issue with your cable provider?Please contact your provider directly.Your provider will then work with the 188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote Video Care Team to resolve any issues.

188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote Connect Registered Customer Portal

If you have a registered Customer Account with 188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote,you can log into the188bet金宝搏官网Gracenote Connect Portal.